20 years 8 months


14 years 8 months


20 years 1 month


7 years 2 months

This is Alex he's 6 years old. He was an owner surrender his previous owners could not afford his medical expenses. He ended up becoming a Perma resident due to him having a bad heart, and a huge edema on his chest. He also has bad hips so he's on meds to help with all this. Fun fact about Alex He enjoys napping, and he snores louder than anything.

2 years 9 months

Genivive Or Genny for short is almost 2. Now I know you're wondering why she's a permanent resident at only 2. Well poor miss Genny came in, and she had zero socialization skills with people. We have worked with her on this and she is to a point of kind of trusting us, but she just prefers the company of the dogs better. So that is why Genny is here to stay.

13 years 10 months

Belle is 13 years old. She was given to us by an older gentlemen who unfortunately could not afford to take care of her and her brother. Her brother has since past on, but Belle is still alive and kicking. Belle is a permanent resident due to her having bad heart. Fun fact about Belle is she is best friends with another little dog we have Bianca.

11 years 8 months

This is Dottie she is 10 years old she it here due to hip and back issues. She is medicated for this, and gets physical therapy once a week. One thing Dottie loves more than anything is water! She takes a dip in the creek every morning, when the weather is warmer of course.

Scooby Doo
16 years 9 months

Scooby Doo. Is a Perma resident here. He is 15 years old! He has hip and back issues, and has recently been diagnosed with liver disease. He's medicated for both. He's one of our free roaming guys it help his hips alot to get some exercise. Fun fact about Scooby is everyday when you pull up, he waddles over to your car to give you a big hello.

15 years 8 months

This is Matilda She is 14 years old. She is here for hip and back issues she gets Physical Therapy to help with it. Last year she had a tumor removed from her spleen, and she has been doing awesome since.

8 years 8 months

Slider is one of our perma residents. He is here due to behavioral issues that we couldn't quite fix. But he's pretty happy doing whatever he wants. He is mischievous and gets in trouble quite often. He loves to play ball. The only issues he never wants to stop. He also likes car rides the problem with that is we have to force him out when the car because he never want the car ride to end. Slider got his name due to the fact he slides through our legs to get out of the gate to cause even more problems. We do indeed love our trouble maker and he's gotten a little better with age, but Slider will always be Slider and he'll be our little trickster for life.

Sweet Pea
10 years 8 months

This is Sweet Pea she is 9 years old. She is with us due to some hip and back issues, and she has issues with her nose! Sweet pea had surgery to remove a large tumor from her nose. She still in recovery and we are trying to help her with breathing better. It's been a challange, but shes doing good.

11 years 8 months

This is Smiley he's a permanent resident with us. He's 10 years old. He's with us due to hip and back issues. Here he gets meds to help with any pain he might have, and physical therapy once a week. Fun fact about Smiley is he's a little trouble maker, and when you're walking the dogs down to the Creek he will slid between your legs, Nearly tripping you, and force you to pet him. Just for him to keep walking. Talk about needing attention.

8 years 8 months

This is Lucy an 8 year old permanent resident here. She is here for back and hip issues for which she is medicated for, and she has physical therapy once a week. Also she had previously tore both her acls. They have since healed and she's doing good. Fun fact about Lucy she likes to lick the spoon after everyone is done eating. Nom Nom.

11 years 8 months

Sammie is here for behavioral issues He's got a cute face, but he also has grumpy old man syndrome. He pretty much does what he wants, and we don't really object.

11 years 8 months

Scout or Scoutie as we call her is 10 years old. When she got here She got a thorn stuck in her paw. When she was taken to the vet for that. They had her eyes checked out because they were always leaking. Turns out she had to have surgery to remove a chunk of her bottom eyelids as they were rolling in, and hurting her eyes. She ended up recovering well, and becoming a perma resident.

12 years 0 months


12 years 0 months

This is Bonnie. She is 11 years old. Her owner ended up going to a nursing home so they gave us Bonnie and Clyde. Later we found out they were pretty bonded. Bonnie did have cancer at one point it was cancer of the cartilage in her paw. She's doing good since she was cleared. and she gets a supplement to help with hip and joint issues.

10 years 8 months


11 years 8 months

Sampson is 10 years old He Is here due to Behavioral issues that we just couldn't break. He's fine with us, but when he gets sent on a home visit he just will not behave. He really is a sweet boy though. Anyway after awhile of trying we decided he is here to stay. Did I mention he's also an escape artist. He's to smart for his own good.

11 years 0 months

Misty is 10 years old. She is here for hip and back issues she get physical therapy once a week and a supplement to help with this. Misty is a couch potato.

15 years 8 months

Bianca is sweet girl that loves to play. It's hard to believe she is a senior. Bianca is looking for someone to spoil her!

9 years 8 months

This is Amelia she is a Perma resident here. She is 8 years old. She has some hip and back issues she gets physical therapy for, and we are currently trying to clear her of blasto. She is also a litter mate and bonded pair with Screamer.